Director Andrew McDowall 

CamScan is a Cambridge based 3D scanning and modelling studio. The focus of CamScan is to explore the world through Digital capture and find new ways to interpret it for individuals, museums and creative industries. 

Scanning service:

  • Specialising in Photogrammetry in order create 3D models for additive manufacture and animation.

  • Capture for Museum and archival records as well as restoration and reconstruction.

  • Documentation of Natural history Specimens using macro photography techniques.

  • Artworks/Sculpture - scaling, editing and modification for 3D printing/AM and casting processes.

  • Creation of new objects from scan data.

With a background in fine art and fabrication Andrew McDowall has worked on wide a range of high profile projects. He has over a decade of experience working with artists, designers, museums and galleries, as well as being part of the Innovation team behind the 2016 British Olympic Cycling team. CamScan is a new venture that sets out to bring 3D technologies and creativity to the Arts, Humanities and Natural Science sector. 

(For further information/quotes about scanning and 3D printing, please email via the contact page.)